Sunday, February 9, 2014

Informed Wisdom

You know a day has ended poorly when you say "we'll let the police deal with that matter."

But increasingly this is becoming the case in schools as school enforcement becomes law enforcement. The lines get blurred.

I'm constantly shocked to hear of some of the things I hear students get up to in their free time. Usually when this shock happens it is followed by further shock from the parents who had no idea their little darling was getting up to such awful mischief either.

I acknowledge that parenting is not an easy task. In fact I think an awful lot of parents out there deserve far more recognition, especeially in this age of "give it to me now" and instant vanity. But in reality many parents are just trying to keep their own heads above the water and they forget about the need to teach their child morals, values and ethics. I'm sorry to say that while most parents would claim their child at least knows the difference between right and wrong that this just isn't enough these days. Understanding why their behaviour is right or wrong and giving children informed choices is far more important.

I recently had a parent tell me they treat their 14 year old like an adult who is able to make his own decisions. The problem is he is not an adult and is not making the right decisions and this is having a serious affect on his education and social/emotional development. Saying this to the parent though would have been completely fruitless. We live in a world where we must respect everyone's parenting style and it is serious faux pa to do anything but.

I guess what I'm saying is that unless parents are involved in their child's life, demonstrate informed understanding of right and wrong and live by example their child is going to get up to all kinds of mischeif. Then it's up to teachers to solve it all.

M. - Not Your Parent

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