Friday, April 5, 2013

Not Your Parent 2014

Being a teacher is not easy. Especially in a world that says teachers need to be:

  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Technically Savvy
  • Creative
  • Entertaining
  • Incredibly Intelligent
  • Pastoral Carers
  • Leaders
  • Sensible
  • Mature
  • Community Minded
  • Servants
Schools are increasingly places that are not only central to the community, but places that educate life skills. As parents work more, schools are now the primary educators of values, ethics, morals, religion and life skills. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. But some teachers argue that it not only is a huge responsibility to be burdened with but also gets in the way of a good, solid education.

I'm a teacher at a Christian Secondary school. I love my school and share its values and beliefs. I love the kids that go to my school, even though I don't know them all. I'm a leader in Pastoral Care. This puts me in a very unique position. 

This blog will explore the lives of the modern teacher, the pressure they are placed under to teach students everything and how ill-equipped we are to do so. It will explore the role of the modern parent, and more than that identify with the insecurities that teachers face on a daily basis.

Just remember - I'm a teacher. I'm Not Your Parent.

- M. (Not Your Parent).

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